FREE SERIES for sailing coaches

Coaches Conversation

Are you a sailing coach? Join us for Coaches Conversation, a free series with KINETIX ai CEO Omer Brand. 

You’ll get tips and ideas so you can:

  • Motivate your sailors to perform to their potential
  • Help your sailors develop more self-awareness on the water
  • Incorporate technology that gives them a competitive advantage
  • Get the most out of your limited training time together
  • Help your sailors become excited about their own improvement


Each week has a different topic. Pick your favorite or join us for the whole series! 

Join us for the last session of the series!

About Omer Brand

A professional sailor and coach, Omer dedicated his life to the sport of sailing, winning multiple national and international championships. A leader in the sport of sailing, building teams to success, Omer is an experienced executive in leading innovation, business development and product in both professional sailing teams and Startups.

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