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Video analytics software for sailors that helps you simplify your debrief and accelerate your improvement.

Gain the Competitive Advantage

Sailing races are won and lost by marginal gains. To make those gains, you need access to the information that will allow you to optimize your training. Now, you can leverage the power of video and data to gain your competitive advantage. 

“Ever since I started using KINETIX, I saw big improvements to my sailing skills. It helped me get to the top of the fleet and make it to the national team“.
~M.P., Laser Radial, Israeli National Team

Data Makes You Faster

So much of sailing feedback is based on feel, assumptions and fuzzy memory after the fact. Our software simplifies using video and data so your sailing training can become laser focused and highly productive.

Ease of Use

We do not change the way you train or work. Our fully automated system can upload and analyze your session. You just have to sit back and learn.


Share your thoughts and insights with your coach or team-mates. You can also easily share your highlights with your family and friends.

Personal &
Concise insights

We all collect huge amounts of data and video. Our technology automatically giving you the highlights and points of interest from which you can learn and improve based on your personal improvement profile.

Performance Improvement

Our platform is based on our 'change management' cycle. Every session should end with actionable items for the next session. Our advanced data base and analytics are helping the coach and athlete to come up with the best plan to move forward.

Time Saving

Say goodbye to 20 GB video files and 30 minutes of fast-forwarding. Our cloud-based system automatically uploads, analyzes and edits your video, so when you’re ready to debrief, you can go straight to the important parts of your training session.

Ease of Use

View synchronized coach boat video, onboard video, GPS track and boat data in one intuitive dashboard. Sailors get a bird's eye view of your boat and maneuvers. Coaches, you can give data-informed feedback (without yelling across the water).

Simplified Insights

Our technology automatically gives you the highlights and points of interest, so you can focus your debrief on the moments that matter most. With the synchronized data, you can easily see sailor and boat performance moment to moment.

Make Debriefs Collaborative

With remote access, sailors can watch and analyze the training session after practice or share solo training sessions with their coach, allowing sailors to become more active in their learning and development.

Accelerated Improvement

With synchronized video and boat data, sailors and coaches can have full visibility of the sailor and the boat. Sailors can see and understand their mistakes better. Coaches can communicate more effectively. No more bar karate. Okay, maybe a little.

App Features

Synchronized capture of multiple cameras and data sources

Real time GPS tracking

Proprietary algorythms for smart highlights detection

Boat info including speed and heading

Weather data including wind and sea state

Multiple boat track replay

Proprietary algorythms for personal and concise insights

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