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KINETIX ai is for any sailor who is committed to improving their performance. The software is used by sailors and teams of all levels—Olympic development sailors, pro sailors, college sailors, yacht club youth sailors, as well as adult club sailors who are campaigning a one-design class or trying to move up in the local regatta circuit. A lot of sailors use the software as part of their team and continue to use the software when they do solo training sessions.

In short, KINETIX ai synchronizes the boat data (heading, speed, GPS track) with the video footage of your training session, analyzes the footage to identify the key moments, and edits the footage into short clips so you can easily jump from one key moment to the next. Everything is laid out for you in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard, so you can clearly see what the sailors were doing at any given moment and what impact that sailors’ performance had on boat performance.

We’ve all been in that debrief, when we’re trying to piece together exactly what happened when a maneuver went wrong. If you’re sailing on an 8-person team, you have only a 1/8 perspective of that maneuver. You can’t remember what you weren’t looking at. You can’t see what happened behind you. And let’s be real, it’s just hard to remember accurately what even happened. 

Video allows you and your teammates to review what really went down and have an unbiased conversation so you can focus on objective improvement instead of relying on fuzzy memory. 

Video footage also allows sailors to become more involved in their own development. They can see and participate in the conversation instead of just being told what to do by their coaches.

All you need is a GoPro 7 or higher. In the future, you’ll be able to input data from other boat instruments, as well.

The secret to improving boat performance is improving the sailors’ performances. The GPS track is an important piece of data, but it only gives you information about boat performance. It doesn’t give you information about the sailors’ performances, which is what you really need to know to improve.

The software puts your video footage and boat data into a single dashboard, so you can easily view the sailors’ performances and the boat’s performance data simultaneously. 

The software also creates a library of your training sessions, so you can view your progress over time and sailors and coaches can access the footage at any time from anywhere. 

Working with a coach is definitely important to accelerate your improvement, but KINETIX ai can easily be used by sailors and teams working on their own. It gives you a tool to do your own debriefs and take charge of your training.

If you’re a pro-sailor or badass Corinthian sailor who sails with several teams, you can have your own account and use the software in team debriefs. You can choose to share login info with your teammates, so they can view the training data on their own, or if you have a Coaches’ account, you can create view-only users for each boat so they only see their boats’ footage in your account.


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