The Secret to Effectively Coaching Sailors – Coaches Conversation with Paul Swan

If you talk to any of the top coaches these days, they’ll tell you, “You should incorporate video and technology into your sailing coaching!” Great–but why? And how?  We’ll start with the why.  Why Sailors Need Video If you think about how a baby learns how to walk–they learn through watching. No one stands over […]

The Problem with Debriefs in Sailing

It’s Not the Bow’s Fault! Here’s the scenario: you’re a Farr 40 with a crew of 8. You go into a gybe, the bow person takes too long to get the new guy in the jaws of the pole. The gybe ends up being too slow, the boat decelerates and your competition pulls a boat […]

Using Analytics in Sailing – Coaches Conversation with Cyrille Douillet

Cyrille Douillet and Omer Brand

Data-Driven Sailing For a long time, data analysis was relegated to the highest levels of our sport. Given how much time and money, the top pro teams put into data collection, hiring professional analysts and hanging out in wind tunnels, it’s no secret that data analysis is the secret to performance improvement. But how can […]