coaches PLAN

Coaches Plan

Stand Out from the Crowd

Maximize your sailors’ development. Give your coaching business a competitive advantage.


  • Secure cloud storage of all your training sessions
  • 5 Client Users
  • Additional Client Users for only $50/month
  • Coach App

    Record from the coach boat.

    Bookmark key moments.

    Record feedback in real time.

    Coach boat video, bookmarks and feedback automatically synch with the onboard footage for your debrief.
  • 1 GoPro Integration per Client User
  • Tack Analyzer

    Easily analyze sailors' tacking efficiency with this state-of-the art analysis tool.
  • Automatic Clip Editing
  • Synchronized Video and Data
  • GPS Track
  • Boat Speed
  • Boat Heading
  • Data Graphs
  • Multi-User Management

    Give view-only access to multiple sailors per Client User so all team members on a boat can watch their trainings.
  • Connect to Coach with Kinetix

    Does your client already have their own account? Sailors can share access to their accounts to a Coach User.

    These features are still in development, but they will become available on your account as they are ready.
  • Heel and Pitch
  • Second On-Board Camera per Client User
  • Additional Advanced Analytics

    Coaches get access to advanced analytics features as they become available so you can help your clients' optimize and improve their performance.
  • Additional Video Sources Integration

    Synch drone footage and other camera sources with the on-board and coach boat video.
  • External Data Source Inputs

    Synch your GoPro video with a data file from an external GPS tracker or boat instruments.
  • Full-Length Video
  • Reporting

    See how many days your sailors sailed, average time per session, and more.

  • Local Machine Access

    Upload and analyze sessions without an internet connection. This feature is compatible only with Macs and can be added to a Coach Plan for an additional fee. Please contact us for pricing.